How safe are psilocybin mushrooms?

They are safe, the safest psychedelic drug available. In fact, here is a recent article on the most dangerous drugs and check where psilocybin mushrooms ranks overall.

Aren’t Psilocybin Mushrooms illegal?

This product is technically illegal in most states, provinces & countries to ship. With that being said, psilocybin testing panels are extremely rare and need to be specifically ordered. It is not on the active list of the 8 substances that dogs are trained to sniff for. Some wait for approval from authorities & government while some cannot wait any longer and take things into their own hands.

Cannabis found itself in the same position not long ago? Technically, it was illegal in Canada, the US and most of the countries around the world.  However, there was a grey area in how it was being enforced and how decriminalization was looming.

Psilocybin mushrooms finds itself in a similar situation as Cannabis a few years ago. The legalization of Cannabis has really open the minds of society on how safe and effective Psilocybin mushrooms can be. Recently, it was decriminalized in Oregon, Denver, CO, Santa Cruz and Oakland, CA and other towns across the US. Oregon & Illinois is now following suit and it’s highly likely going to have a trickle effect across the nation. Decriminalization is inevitable. We ,one day, expect it to be fully decriminalized and openly acceptable in North America and around the world. Ultimately, the direction of this very movement is up to us.

Please do your due diligence, do some research and ponder anything that pertains to psilocybin and the current psychedelic movement. It may help you make a more informed decision that is true to you.

Will I get high from these capsules?

No, you won’t – not if you take it slowly and start with the recommended dosing guideline, set by Dr. James Fadiman.
Start with 1 low dosed capsule and go from there. 2 might be a nice dose. If you decide to take 3 or more capsules, you must not drive or use heavy machinery.
Find a safe and comfortable setting and observe your experience. 50 – 100mg can be considered quite a low dose and 100 mg is a nice dose for many.

I’m trying to get off my anti-depressant medications. Will psilocybin have negative affects on me?

Participants in a microdosing study (using LSD, 1p-LSD, or mushrooms) were reported using various medications and supplements with no adverse response.

Please check out this list of medications and the effects it can have while taking Psilocybin. Click here for a comprehensive list of pharmaceutical drugs and supplements on Dr. Fadiman’s website.

Should I consume these capsules on an empty stomach?

It is suggested that you should have a light healthy meal/snack if you are just starting to microdose. That will give you a chance to understand how your body reacts to psilocybin.  However, some of you may choose to microdosing on an empty stomach.  Getting a good nights rest and being properly hydrated before microdosing can make the experience a positive one.  In the end, it’s going to come down to personal preference and what type of feeling and state you’re comfortable being in.

What strain do you use?

We only use The Golden Teacher strain from fruiting bodies of the highest quality. We can depend on the consistency, reliability & effectiveness of these ancient and wise teachers. Many lessons and nuggets of truths may be learned from this philosophical master when working with The Golden Teacher.

What is the ideal way of storing Tru Mood products?

The most ideal way to store Tru Mood products is at room temperature, out of direct sunlight & in a dry & stable conditions. Keep your products away from excessive temperatures and damp conditions which can cause them to quickly degrade. They will easily last a year in the appropriate conditions, if not longer. A desiccant packet in the container can go a long way in keeping things dry and free from mold.

What form of payments do you currently accept?

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What countries do you ship to?

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Where do you ship from?

Surrounded by mountains and a natural backdrop, we proudly ship from the west coast of Vancouver BC, Canada.

Do you provide Stealth/Covert packaging?

Yes, we do. If you’d like no information, packing slips or labels, we can leave it all off. If you’d like your order packaged in disguised packaging, please feel free contact us with your requests.  It can be properly sealed as new attached with a custom packing slip for the covert product.  Whatever it is, we can offer a plan that suits your needs. If it is a larger order, we will use our own discretion and decide if we will send covertly or not.

I’ve been scammed by another Psilocybin company before. How do I know your company is not a scam?

We are not hard to find online and can be reached on Instagram, Facebook or through our “Contact Uspage.  We regularly engage in respectful and courteous dialogue and maintain a light hearted, yet professional relationship with our customers.

Please do not order immediately if you are having doubts about ordering from us.  Because of the current landscape online, it’s understandable to feel anxious about being scammed.  We would suggest that your take your time and connect with us first, if possible.  Ask us some questions or just say “Hi”. Finding a referral or asking around is always good practice. Please understand that we do not want to deal with excessive paranoia regarding the whereabouts of a package, especially if you did not select the “Tracked Shipping” option.

If you are feeling intimidated by of the grey area of legality, please think closely about it before ordering.  Only you know how comfortable you are with taking things in your hands. Please go through the shipping page and see how mail is sorted and delivered so you can make an educated decision.

If you are unsure about the product, message us beforehand.  Let us know about some of the questions or concerns you may have.  Just please be sure to gather enough information so that you can trust the process before ordering.  We’d really appreciate that : )

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